Life Breakfast and Lunchbar

Your healthy kid on the block !

As devoted juice-pancake-salad-rawchocolate-o-holics, we'll provide all the foods & drinks you'll need to start and finish the day easy breezy healthy.

Say goodbye to a mind clouded by processed foods, saturated fats and refined sugars. Experience the bliss and clarity that comes from the colourful and vibrant cuisine of plant based cooked and raw food.  


Nature's pure clean food not only helps us to reconnect with ourselves, but also with the planet we need to survive and its other living beings.

We promise to make you glow!

Juices - Smoothies 

Smoothie-Buddha-Salad Bowls 

Snacks - Meals - Desserts 

Raw - Cooked - Refined Sugar Free 

Eat in or take away

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